Friday, December 9, 2011

Norwegian Evening

On December 8 the ESU Estonia members met Per-Otto Breivik, a Norwegian businessman, the managing director and CEO of the Permarine AS. We had a lovely talk on different topics in a friendly atmosphere in front of the fireplace. We enjoyed our conversation a lot, as well as a glass of wine, some fruit and gingerbread biscuits. The ESU Estonia would like to thank Mr.Breivik for hosting a pre-Christmas event and meeting.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KGB Museum

On November 30 the ESU Estonia members visited the Sokos Viru Hotel and the KGB Museum. We met at the Bogart Bar for a glass of wine, some snacks and a talk. The manager, Mr. Jarvi told us a little bit about the history of the hotel, which is still the biggest hotel in Estonia, and showed us two renovated hotel rooms with a fantastic view on the Old Town.The excursion to the Museum started on the ground floor, where we were given tickets with two vouchers on some drinks in any hotel bar and cafe. The guide told young people and reminded the older ones what life was like in Estonia more than thirty years ago. We saw quite many artifacts of those days in the Museum. We enjoyed not only a lively excursion but a wonderful view from the 23rd floor on our beautiful city.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Mrs Ene Ergma met the ESU of Estonia members at the Parliament

November 22

written by Paloma Fagil Fernández

On November 21, the members of the ESU of Estonia had the honour to attend an event at the Estonian Parliament. In the beginning, a tour guide showed us a model of the building and took us to some different rooms like the one where the members of the Parliament meet. In the meantime, the guide provided us some complete information as to the building and its history. To conclude, the guests met the speaker Ene Ergma, who basically told all of us about several Estonian monetary, educational and political maters. The people there could also ask her many questions. The visit was very interesting so we hope we will have another chance to make a similar one in the future.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Seminar: The National Public Speaking Competition 2012

On Friday, November 11, the first seminar for the teachers in this season was held at Sakala Eragymnasium. It was a successful event in a beautiful building. We thank the school and Headmistress Jekaterina Gridneva for hosting the seminar. About 60 people came from Tartu, Tallinn, Kohtla-Järve, Viimsi and Tallinn. Most of them were teachers and some of them brought their students to listen to Mr. Carter, who has been supporting the Competition since we started it in 2009. He helped all our winners with his professional advice to prepare their speeches for the International Public Speaking Competition and delivered some seminars for the teachers in the past two years. This Friday, HM Ambassador Peter Carter gave a fantastic 2-hours talk to the audience with examples of good and bad speeches, tests, discussions and answered lots of questions. He explained how to prepare an impromptu speech as well and how to deal with questions that follow the speech. We watched a few videos of the International finalists’ speeches to see how they delivered them and what was good about their speeches.
We are very greatful to Mr. Carter for his kind support of the Competition and the ESU Estonia as well.
Zinaida Jevgrafova
ESU Estonia, Chairman
Copmpetition Convenor

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The ESU of Estonia
National Public Speaking Competition 2011
3rd March
"Words Are Not Enough"

Many thanks for the pictures to Angelina Timoshina and Ilya Gabovich!!!