Monday, May 18, 2009

Children love to read

Children love to read.
And also in another languages.
But in Lasnamae area there is not so much opportunity. It doesn’t exist a big library where the kids can choose the book that they like and read it there or take it home.
The ESU of Estonia has decided to support the initiative of Jevgenia Djatchuk, one of our members, to create the first English library for kids in Lasnamae.
The first contribution arrived a few weeks ago by post from United States.
Mrs. Deborah Stevenson, member of the English Speaking Union of Charlotte- North Carolina and former director of English Speaking Union of Washington, sent three big packages full of books and happiness!
There were books for all the levels, to help to improve their English skills and about all kind of topics.
She thought about all the possible readers and she also sent some flashcards and books adapted to the youngest learners.
The kids were very excited and they started to read immediately!
They wanted to thank Mrs. Stevenson, so they created a very nice postcard full of paper books with their names on it and their gratitude.
We hope that these packages are just the beginning of this English library and we are open and would really appreciate any kind of contribution.
Bellow you can see some pictures where the children open the packages and found all the books!
Written by Irene Nunez.
Pictures from the I Youth Club blog.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New pictures from the Public Speaking Competition

Here we have some new pictures from the Public Speaking Competition of Estonia, 2009.
Thanks to our great photographer Okeiko.
Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The ESU of Estonia Public Speaking Competition 2009

The first ESU Schools public speaking competition was held on 12th March. 13 competitors took part from 6 schools. Toomas Vitsut, Chairman of the ESU of Estonia welcomed all-competitors, judges, teachers, members of the ESU and others.

Riina Altpere took the chair and explained the background to the competition. She then introduced the Judges-HE Peter Carter, British Ambassador acting as Chairman of the Jury, Michael Wynne-Parker Member of the ESU of Estonia Committee, Former Governor of the ESU of the Commonwealth, Suliko Liiv Professor, Tallinn University, Institute of Germanic- Romance Languages and Cultures, Director, Tuuli Oder Tallinn University, Language SchoolDirector, Gustaf Hertsius Member of the ESU of Estonia Committee

Riina Altpere introduced the Convenor Zinaida Jevgrafova Member of the ESU of Estonia Committee and Timekeeper finally calling all contestants to come forward to select a number 1-13 in a ballot to decide the order of speaking.

13 competitors took part from 6 schools: Karl-Jakob Jürna, Tõnis Veispak and Paap Urbanus from Tallinn English College, Mari Pever and Trinu Lepp from Tallinn French School, Kristen Gilden and Ott Ilves from Gustav Adolf Grammar School, Ingrid Teesalu and Klarika Feldberg from Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium, Peeter-Paul Hallaste and Ken Kõrve from Viimsi Secondary School, Ekke Piirisild and Hendrik Kaju from Tallinn Secondary Science School.

Following the 5 minute speeches 2 minutes was allowed for a variety of interesting questions. Although many of the competitors chose the topic of the threatened environment, many were very creative and argued for topics ranging from "man should move to mars", "The human race has to stop breeding to come in balance with the available resources" to "We have to save the smaller and endangered languages".

The jury was looking for an outstanding candidate to represent Estonia in a completion against youth from over 60 countries ( is this the correct number). The main points in the assessment of each candidate was:
· Subject, reasoning and evidence
· Expression and delivery
· Establishing credibility
· Responding to questions

After the final speech the jury retired. Following their return and after a great deal of suspense Mr Carter announced the overall winner was Ingrid Teesalu from Kuristiku Gümnaasium closely followed by Triinu Lepp ja Mari Pever from Tallinn French School .
Mr Peter Carter the chairman of the jury motivated their choice by saying that Ingrid Teesalu was not only able to communicate her message clearly but held the audience in the grasp of her hand from the beginning until the end of her speech.

This luck winner will now go to London in May to participate in the International Finals a daunting task. She will need a great deal of luck but with all our support and encouragement she will represent Estonia with distinction!

photos by Okeiko